How To Play Rummy Mate

Rummy is highly popular in India it is usually played with 13 cards. It is basically a draw-and-discard game that is usually played by the use of two full decks of cards including 2 jokers, which can be played between 2-6 players. Rummy game rules are quite simple and straightforward one can easily understand them and that’s what makes it one of the joyful card games online and offline both. As there are two decks used to play the game one deck is closed and the player can’t see what card they are picking form that in order to complete a valid set. While the other is the open deck which is created by the discard cards by the players. Each participated player gets the 13 cards in hand to play the game, with an objective to create a valid set and declare the game to win the game.

In rummy, each suit is ranked from the low to high order hierarchy, the ACE, King, and Queen have 10 points each and the rest of the cards contain equal value like two cards will have 2 points and 4 cards will have 4 points.